Jeff is originally from Drayton, North Dakota where he was a farmer for over 20 years.  In March of 1997, over a cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon with his wife, he decided to pursue a different career path. 

The very next day he enrolled in classes at the age of 37 at the University of North Dakota and received a BA in Psychology.  He went on to receive a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Mary.  Jeff believes that being a therapist is not only a vocation but a calling.

Since 2002 he has worked in the mental health field in many different capacities.  Jeff worked in an adolescent treatment center, as an EAP therapist, a family counselor at an addiction counseling practice, and a grief counselor at a hospice. He has also been a dual diagnosis coordinator and treatment director at a residential treatment facility for many years.

  Most recently, Jeff worked with state and federal sex offenders providing individual and group therapy.  In 2015 Jeff opened Vita Counseling as an interdenominational ministry which compliments the work of the Christian churches in the area. He also works as a PRN therapist at Prairie St. John’s  a Psychiatric Hospital in Fargo.  We believe that psychology has something to offer Christians, and this site is dedicated to that.  We hope to bring together some resources related to mental health, psychology and the Church, as well as provide original writing that is timely and valuable to Christians.

During Jeff’s many years of practice he has had much positive client satisfaction due to his personal style of developing a therapeutic relationship, his unwavering support, empathetic guidance and collaboration. Thank you for stopping by to get to know my practice. I  look forward to getting to know your story.I hope this is a place where those with questions will find support as well as information and where those seeking understanding can find Truth with the help of psychology.

Ps. 73:24- you will guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory.

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